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Do you know 'slight snow' in china?


Slight Snow

slight snow

After the “Slight Snow”, it’s the “Heavy Snow”, which is around December 7 or December 8 each year. 

“Heavy Snow”, just like it’s meaning, indicates more snow days and snowfalls. Most of the places in China reach below 0 degree Celsius. 

The Hanhao Bird stop singing, the tigers shows courtship behavior. “Heavy Snow” is a very important period for farmers. 

If the snow is very heavy, it means next year will be a harvesting year. This is because that the nitrogen compound in snow is 4 times more than those in the rain. When the snow melt and soak into the soil, the increased nitrogen in soil can be absorbed by crops quicker. 

At the same time, the freezing snow water can kill many pests on earth’s surface layer. 


Traditional Customs      

It's the time for farmers to make sure the seed for vegetables, fruit trees and flowers, and farm animals are kept warm. It’s also necessary to check in the winter wheat field and loose the soil. 

heavy snow

Healthy Living Tips 

Many people living in north China catch cold during this period.

A folk prescription is to drink “Heavy Snow Healthy Soup”, which help defense the cold. 

According to traditional formula, the soup should be eaten three days before, three days in the middle, and three days after the “Heavy Snow” date, at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., the time where human body advocates kidney. Ingredients include 3 grams of cordyceps sinensis, 3 grams of dog meat, and 3 grams of cinnamon. Boil together with water. 

During “Heavy Snow”, eating medlar, agaric, wax gourd soup is also good to one’s health.

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